Other People’s Success is not your Failure

Hi Adventurers!

How often have we congratulated someone for their promotion or clapped in the audience as someone was awarded with praise? How often do we do it with genuine happiness and how many times have we grinned through bitterness and envy?

Many times have I found myself wondering why it wasn’t me or why I wasn’t “succeeding” fast enough. I recently asked “Why do you think we get jealous of other people’s successes?” on instagram and every single answer I got hit the nail on the head. I am not ashamed to say I have felt every one of the below responses.

We don’t realise we deserve our own happiness too

– A friend

Just like success, our happiness isn’t tied to anyone or anything. We can celebrate people’s happiness without losing out on our own. More than anything, success doesn’t always equate to happiness. There are so many ways to be content in life and it’s so important that we find our own path.

Because we see our own shortcomings then reflect on the opportunities we passed by

– A friend

Though I’m sure we never want to, seeing someone achieve something life-changing makes us reflect on ourselves. It perhaps angers us that we weren’t able to be more proactive. Maybe this turns into bitterness that someone else pushed through when we couldn’t. Whatever the thought, it is never too late to spin those thoughts into something positive. I have been recently inspired by someone else’s pro-activeness to start being more body and diet conscious. It has been the push I needed.

We focus way too much on other people instead of ourselves

– A friend

In this age of social media and constantly scrolling on someone’s “highlight reel”, it’s pretty easy to focus on the lives of others instead of ourselves. Personally, I deactivated my Facebook over a year ago because I found myself being upset that I wasn’t achieving what others were. But people tend to post their highest points and achievements, it’s not often you find people who constantly post about their struggles. Everyone is trying to get through the day as much as you are and everyone has their own highs and lows. Focus your energy on building yourself up, because you’re the only person who can.

As one of my intentions this year is to act upon my dreams and not procrastinate, the below are some ways for me to focus on myself whilst still celebrating other’s achievements:

  • Be grateful. You have worked hard to be where you are. Everyday you wake up, go to work and come home. Be grateful of the small wins every day because consistency is the true key to longevity.
  • Be inspired by others. Just like above, it is never too late to spin something positive. Be inspired by the success of others and let that drive your own goals.
  • Be confident that there is enough room for your own happiness. There is room for you to celebrate someone else and have your own success. The achievements might be different, but that doesn’t make yours any less worthy.
  • Be strong when it comes to your worth. Although it is easier said than done, your worth doesn’t come from the validation of others. Your worth is your own potential and you are the only person who can limit or exceed that.

Be proud of your wins and your falls. You are the only person responsible for your happiness and success.

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