Dear Rachel, From 2020

A love letter

To start off with, you have made it so far and I am incredibly proud of you. I am sorry for the pain that the past few years have caused you, but you got through it and you’re still standing…arguably even better than before.

Please be proud of who you are today.

There was nothing wrong with the stress, the anger, the sadness and the anxiety. It was the reality of the time, but reality never stays the same. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. There is nothing more important than loving and accepting all of you; your past, your present and your growth.

You are not ugly, fat or dumb. You are not alone, unworthy or tiresome. Remember that you are the only person capable of genuine change. Love starts with you. It doesn’t need to be found in newly bought clothes, in fancy restaurants or in weight scales. It starts with a simple sentence – a mindset.

You are enough.

Your hair, your body, your face…it’s all enough. Stop chasing a happy ending when it’s already in front of you. Accept you for yourself. You are you and that is enough. I promise that things will look brighter for you when you see this.

Love yourself before you love anybody else.

I am so happy to see the way you conduct yourself around others. You are learning to let things go – both people and bad memories. I know this is not easy for you but remember that not everyone who enters your life is meant to stay. They teach you lessons, widen your perspective and help you learn to greater empathise with others. But in the end, life is not a collector’s game.

Gently remind yourself that it is always about quality and never about quantity. It is the small moments of gratitude, the unexpected acts of kindness and the waves of motivation that should be noticed.

Try not to take things personally. Learn to understand that harsh words from others are a reflection of their own obstacles. Take a moment to digest the information and let it pass through you. Find inner peace with who you are.

And finally, remember that something won’t ever come from doing nothing. Start somewhere – with something, anything.

Start your dreams, instead of spending time dreaming


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