Retro Rollback – Episode 2

Castlevania Edition

Hi Adventurers!

Retro Rollback is BACK with its second episode. This one was hilarious to play because Richard knew that it was hard and that the game mechanics would peeve me off!

This week was Castlevania – a game that Richard holds dear to his heart and has played many many times. I edited a lot of parts out where he said he wouldn’t help me out and I raged a lot – I figured there’s only so many times people want to see me lose it for no reason…although this has given me a good idea on releasing a video called “Rachel Rage”.

I had a tonne of fun doing the editing in this one. Once I watched all the footage back I instantly knew the type of feeling I wanted and it came together fairly smoothly. I’m slowly beginning to be more comfortable with the style that I want to portray in my videos, so thank you for following along with me!

Retro Rollback Episode 2

If you’ve read this far – Thank You!! I hope you find the video as funny as it was to edit it.

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