The Weekly Indulgence: I Did A Smoothie Challenge

Hi Adventurers!

As the title says, I recently did a smoothie challenge! I absolutely LOVE smoothies, so I wasn’t really put off by this one but I genuinely didn’t realise how tough it would be.

I was told by a friend that the easiest way of doing it was to have it for breakfast so for the first couple of days I went ahead and bought smoothies as I got to work. I wish I was able to wake up early and make one myself but I am not a morning person and probably never will be…(although maybe this is something I can challenge myself on this year!). Over the course of about 4 days, I found that the smoothie decreased my appetite during the morning and most importantly, removed my snacking habits. However, it made me feel hungrier by lunch time, so instead of eating a well-portioned lunch I would gorge on a meal fit for 4 people. Normally I wouldn’t complain about that but I also don’t really feel as though it’s the result I want.

I also feel as though if you weren’t the type of person to make your own smoothies, you would have to go out of your day to ensure that the smoothies you got weren’t riddled with sugar. Not that I have a huge problem with it – but generally for me, if I have an excess amount of sugars (not including natural fruit sugars), I find myself feeling really lethargic and unable to concentrate. And being super lazy in the morning, my smoothies for the first few days were pretty sugary and had me feeling “laggy” by lunch time.

All in all – I’m not entirely against using a smoothie instead of a full meal, but I also feel as though it should probably be accompanied by a small snack. I would be happy to have a smoothie for breakfast with a poached egg or a piece of toast. Having a smoothie for any other meal though (lunch or dinner) really did not work for me. I was left feeling really unsatisfied and forced myself to not eat for the sake of this challenge. I’m always looking for sustainable lifestyle habits and things that will stand the test of time and laziness. This one didn’t really make it but I wouldn’t be opposed to introducing it as a small snack!

If you’ve read this far – thank you! I have honestly just had a blast writing down my thoughts and vlogging my experiences. I learn something new every time and I hope that it’s also evident in the content that’s being produced. The below is a small vlog I did – it’s also on Youtube so feel free to subscribe to us!

I Did a Smoothie Challenge

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