I Bought A Gaming Chair

Hi Adventurers!

Through my high school, University and most of my working life I have sat on a cheap chair from Officeworks and most recently – a kitchen dining chair. Posture never struck me as something important (somehow) but as I woke up one morning in severe back pain and sharp stabbing pains whilst I walked, I somehow knew that I wasn’t staying young forever and I should probably be taking steps to prevent being completely hunched over in my old age.

I had already convinced myself ages ago that what I really wanted was a fancy gaming chair, maybe one from DX Racer. But as usual, life logistics get in the way and I never got around to it. Now that I’m a lot more comfortable with my own likes, personality and who I am just in general, I really wanted my chair to fit my room’s aesthetic…that is, pink. Now if you’re reading this and you’re not aware of the gaming chair universe, let me quickly update you…

  • Generally the most common colour is black.
  • They mostly have the same sort of design and price point ($350 – $500 AUD).
  • It is ridiculously hard to find a pastel pink chair.
  • There aren’t many solely Australian companies that manufacture them.

And for all those above reasons, I took FOREVER deciding on one. I had eventually landed on the Anda Seat in Pink, and I had ordered it through a separate company in Sydney. It turns out that it went on a long back order and I wasn’t going to get to it until months later. At this point, my back was screaming every day. I could barely sit in the kitchen dining chair for 30 minutes before it started to cramp up and walking was giving me sharp pains in my lower back. Out of desperation I started googling purely Australian sites and I came across ZQ Racing. I must’ve been absolutely terrible at research before, because it was the first result after searching “Australian Gaming Chairs”.

Now this chair? This chair was #aesthetic without sounding completely ridiculous. It was the perfect colour and stayed within my price range. Within 2 days of purchasing, I had the chair already sent to my work place. I definitely want to tell you all about why I so vehemently stuck with wanting a gaming chair but I have a blog already planned around that! So I promise I’m not just super random. Now, I thought it’d be a cute and relaxing video to just film myself putting this chair together, so please enjoy the video below!

I’m trying to get into vlogging a bit more, so if you’d like to, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel (the link can be found on this blog or on Youtube). If you’ve read this far, thank you so much!

I Bought A Gaming Chair

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