Retro Rollback

Hi Adventurers!

I’m so excited to finally share with you something that Richard and I have been working on for weeks. Retro Rollback is a weekly event where you can watch me play old school games really really badly. This is our first one so it’s a little shakey and I definitely just turned it into a Death Count video but we had a really fun time filming and editing it so we hope you enjoy it too!

We’ve got a whole list of cult classics lined up, though they’re mostly just really hard ones that Richard wants to watch me play and possibly fail at. We hope you stick around to enjoy the angry sighs, the classy swearing and many many fails!

Retro Rollback – Ninja Gaiden

If you want quick updates, our Youtube Channel is

We post silly pictures and updates on our twitter and instagram too!

We really really hope you enjoy it because we’re having a blast doing it!

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