Ab Challenge – Week 1 Update

Hi Adventurers!

I’m halfway into this ab challenge and I can 100% say that if I didn’t know how much I hated abs before…I do now. The first two nights were honestly the worst. It’s commonly said that it takes around 21 – 30 days for something to become habit, so I have no doubt it will become easier by the 2nd week.

Once I started realising just how painful it was, it became harder to will myself to do them every night. The only real motivation was that I felt I was being held accountable by this blog (a good thing imo). But just like many workout regimes, I began to see progress even over a very small amount of time. 7 days might not be a lot but I can now do 30 crunches before I begin to feel a seriously painful burn, whereas I nearly died after 10 on the first day. It’s a small win…but a win nonetheless.

It’s far too early to be truly seeing dramatic physical changes, but I genuinely feel like my stomach is a little smaller. It could be that I’m feeling so sick from the exercises that I haven’t eaten as much…but let’s say it’s not that. I’d like to think that being consistent and doing 10-15 minutes every night can make all the difference. That being said, I AM human and I did forget to do Saturday and Sunday of the first week….so now I have to do Saturday, Sunday and Monday all in one night. Please pray for me and my stomach pains…

I’ve been vlogging my experiences this week so I can show you all how the whole thing went. At the end of the second week, I’m hoping I can write about how rewarding it felt and how I’d like to implement it more thoroughly into my lifestyle. Hopefully when I’m back here writing about this next week, it’s all positive!

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