I do a 2 week Abs Challenge

Hi Adventurers!

It’s the start of the year and it’s the perfect time for me to take up these challenges again (before I give up mid-way through the year). I did 2 of these last year and despite not changing my lifestyle all that much, I really enjoyed them.

I have always hated doing abs at the gym. I have always been a cardio girl and would much rather run for half an hour than do any sort of ab work…so this seems perfect! Shout-outs to www.wholelifehealthandfitness.com

2 Week Challenge by Whole Life Health and Fitness

I found the above picture on Pinterest and it seems super ideal for me – a quick ab work out I can do before or after I head into the office. I’d like to clarify some quick points about this challenge so we’re all on the same page:-

  • I will not be on any form of strict dieting, but I will aim to cut down sugars.
  • I will be using my indoor bike every second day, so results at the end of the two-weeks won’t just be from the challenge.
  • If I miss out on one day for any reason, I will make it up the next day by doubling the workout.

At the end of Week 1, I’ll be doing a quick update blog on how things are going. At the end of the whole thing (assuming I haven’t broken any body parts), I’ll be uploading a vlog to also showcase the entire experience. I won’t lie, this also helps me because I’m being held accountable and I can’t be lazy!

Fingers crossed things go well tonight!

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