Giving Up Make-Up

Hello Friends!

In this modern day, I sometimes find myself feeling bad for not wearing make-up…and that’s something I’m trying to change. 

I really want to clarify that my problem isn’t with people who wear a lot of makeup or people who like wearing it…it’s the idea that we get judged for not wearing it.

My journey with make-up, I imagine, is not unlike others. I have had a history of insecurity surrounding my face, I used to hide behind a tonne of product and I hated the idea of pool parties. But something about being in my late 20’s or surrounding myself with genuine people made me reconsider why it was that I hated my natural face.

Why was it so important for me to blend in?

The answer was pretty straight forward…I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. But the more eye-opening fact was that while I had a thick layer of make-up on…I was still completely riddled with anxiety. Do people like it? Is it sitting right? Do I look like those beauty gurus? Did I get the colour palettes right? It became clear pretty fast that I wasn’t ever going to win the battle. I wasn’t able to feel security wearing make-up, yet I was going to panic about not wearing it…it felt like arguing with a more stubborn version of myself.

This is where surrounding yourself with genuine people comes into play. I can 100% say that without them, I wouldn’t have ever made it over the hurdle. When you’re able to let go of people in your life that place no emphasis on your well-being; it really is astonshing the mindset that you can build. With many encouraged words from Richard, I went cold turkey and stopped wearing makeup for 2 straight weeks before I realised that my life…

was exactly the same. 

Life went on. The Earth still rotated on an axis and I continued to binge watch Parks & Rec. When I noticed that the world hadn’t ended, I realised  my problems with having a bare face was like feeding a bottomless pit of a stomach. I went on to slowly embrace that who I am doesn’t change with what’s on my face. For the next year I would go out to; dinner, work, exercise and parties with a bare face and remind myself that it’s only as fun as you make it. 

I have wrapped my journey in a nice little package, but honestly, it’s still an on-going battle. I still remind myself daily that I am worthy because I’m me, and not because of any product. Somedays I still panic a little, but for the most part, getting to this point is a huge step for anyone that knows me. Reward yourself for those small (or huge) wins. I am as proud as anything that I can walk out of the house with nothing on my face but a smile. 

My goal for this wasn’t to never wear make-up again, it was to wear it because I wanted too. 

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