The Weekly Indulgence: “New Fruit” – Day 6 & 7

It’s the final day and final judgement for my chosen fruit. Who will reign supreme? In all seriousness, this has been a wonderful experience that anyone can choose to do. Something as simple as eating one new fruit a day can open yourself to new diets, new favourites, and new mentalities. Sorry this has taken a little longer than a week. I think I’ll cut back and try 5 out next time I do this. It’ll be easier on my stomach and on my writing. With that, let’s get right into it.


First I’ll be starting with pomelo. This is an intriguing looking fruit right off the bat. It’s massive and wrapped in an orange netting. It’s about the size of a melon, but the shape of a grapefruit or orange. At first it draws your eyes as a giant orange. You’d normally find this in your citrus aisle because it essentially is a giant grapefruit.

I cut the fruit open by making four incisions on each side of the fruit going all the way down until I hit the base. After that I peeled the skin back and let it open like a flower. What I saw was something that looked almost like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. I was waiting for it to lunge up and grab me. Unfortunately for it, I cut it up some more and took a piece.

As I peeled back some of the white fleshy bits, I was hit with a very sour, tangy and fibrous taste. I don’t know if I got a bad pomelo or what, but it doesn’t really have much sweetness to it at all. I’ve never tried grapefruit and I’ve heard it’s basically like a base version of a grapefruit. The inside citrus pieces are extremely firm and chunky. It almost looks like an ancient fruit inside that a caveman would crack open. Some of the pieces are almost waxy looking and feel a bit like plastic. These are the pieces that are the juiciest and actually taste a bit sweeter.

My final thoughts on pomelo is that it is a big fruit, with big taste, and a big amount of leftovers. It’s actually not as bad as I thought. It’s another one of those fruits with an acquired taste. This would be one you could eat about ¼ of every morning to get that vitamin C kick to start the day. I’m going to rate this fruit 4/10, but with one caveat. I actually might eat this fruit on a more daily basis. The nutrients that you get from this and the fact that you get 4 days out of this fruit for $2 (here at least) leaves a sweeter taste than the fruit in my mouth.

Ataulfo Mango

The last and final fruit will be a throwback to another one, but a different version. I’m going to be trying an Ataulfo mango. I was originally going to try an avocado since I had actually bought one. Problem is I left it in the fridge way too long. I ended up cutting it and it was a grey pudding mess. Not appetizing at all. I figured I’d try another version of the mango since I tried a Kensington Pride mango in Sydney with Rachel. It was incredibly sweet and juicy. Not really at all like the mangos I tried here.

Upon seeing this fruit, you are greeted with a warm yellow exterior. It’s a very appealing look that stands out amongst all other fruits. I’d compare it to the look of a ripened pear.

The flavour is definitely better than the other mango I had. It’s much sweeter and juicier to it with a smooth buttery texture. Unfortunately, the mango I bought was a bit overripened so it had some black spots on it. All in all, this mango is definitely a better choice if you can get a perfectly ripened one. I still prefer other fruits so I’ll give this one a 6/10.

This concludes my Weekly Indulgence. I’ll say that I probably would have never tried a lot of these fruits had I not done this challenge. I’ll definitely be trying more in the future now as I’ve found one of my all-time favourite fruits. Don’t forget to indulge in something new this week. Try all the different fruits of life to find your favourite.

As always, enjoy your adventure!

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