The Weekly Indulgence: “New Fruit” – Day 2 & 3

Let’s start off by saying this is going to be a longer post that I’ll probably split up into multiple parts. I missed a few posts of the Weekly Indulgence but we’re still going! I’ll get it all out of the way at once so we can start anew. This post will be about passionfruit and longan.

I’ve heard of passionfruit quite a few times but never actually knew what it was. I picked it up from the grocery store in a box filled with them. It looked like a brown egg wrapped in cellophane. Not the most appealing look for a fruit, but looks can be incredibly deceiving.

As I cut it in half, I instantly noticed an incredibly strong citrus aroma emanating from the gooey insides. It was so enticing that I kept the shell of the fruit after and had to smell it just a bit.. Don’t judge me! Part of enjoying this fruit was the aroma. It hits your eyes and make them want to go into the back of your head a bit.

Eating this fruit was different to any other fruit I’ve eaten in my lifetime. Upon cutting it open I was greeted by an array of black seeds coated with what can only be described as a yellowy mucus membrane. (Not the most appetizing sight to behold) As I knew this was an adventure to indulge in, I scooped out the insides with a spoon and ate it. What followed was my eyes opening wide and an overwhelming sensation of tartness that can’t be described. This was followed by a citrus-y taste a few seconds later.

I’d rate it a 9/10 for fruits. I would definitely try it again. I know this would go well on many sweet dishes such as cake, ice cream, pudding, or pretty much anything you can think of. It makes a great snack as well, but you don’t get much to eat for the cost. Definitely a once in a while fruit to eat.

Moving right on to longan. I’ll start off by saying I’ve had a similar fruit call lychee in various different forms. It’s been a very long time since I tried that so I may have to reintroduce that to the challenge someday. Longan come in a small shell about the size of a grape. You peel the shell off before you eat it. The fruit is not seedless so you have to eat what you can and get rid of the seed. Luckily they are very easy to eat, and eat, and eat.. A very snackable fruit.

The taste can be described as a sweet grape with light hints of nuttiness. Almost like a creamy grape. A small cantaloupe if you will. (I know, my taste buds aren’t the greatest at telling them apart) When you take the first bite, it hits you really hard with a distinct creamy taste that you either love or hate. I was of the latter.

All of this being said, I’d still recommend people to try longan. I totally get why people would love snacking on them. They are easy to peel and eat, have an appealing flavour (to some), and are a relatively cheap way to enjoy a more exotic fruit to North America. I’d give it a 6/10.

That’s two more fruit down and two more to go in the next update. I’ll keep posting more until I’ve finished the current week. After the challenge I may make it a weekly thing to try new types of exotic or uncommon fruit/veggies. Next up will be persimmon and kiwi.

As always, enjoy your adventure!

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