The Weekly Indulgence: “I Do Low Sugars” – Week 2

Hi Friends!

A quick update on Week 2 of this challenge.

I’ll be elaborating a lot more on my vlog, but since I got a little sick last week I decided to extend this to a 3 Week Challenge. It’s a pretty bold move of me seeing as while I’m writing this I’m craving a big bowl of ice cream! But since I got sick and I’m technically still recovering, I can’t determine whether my slight weight loss and reduced appetite is due to sickness, low sugar or my flu shot. Everything just came at me all at once!

I feel like I have to give this a fair chance and doing it for 3 weeks to a month is the best way to see a change in myself. I’m already seeing that most of my diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner) doesn’t incorporate lots of sugar…it’s all in the snacking. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m now snacking on fruits, nuts and drinking quite a bit of tea.

I have been going even harder on the protein/carb/sodium since I started this in an attempt to make up for the lack of sugar…and I made this delicious breakfast!

Eggs, Knackwurst, Bacon Steak, Rice and Spinach

I won’t lie, despite there being many things I can eat in substitute of sugar, I’m feeling like that might not necessarily be a good thing. We’ll have to see what happens this next coming week!!

And of course, I hope you’re all having the best adventures.




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