The Weekly Indulgence: “I Do Low Sugars” – Day 1

Hi Friends!

I’ve decided to post a Day 1 blog and follow up the rest of the challenge with a final blog/vlog.

It honestly wasn’t so bad today. A lot of eating habits have to do with mentality and what you’re able to do when you have the determination to do it. I’m not and never will be a person who would track her sugar or fat intake. I’ve said before that I believe in just eating what you want and staying active. However, since I’ve given myself this challenge I’d like to give it at least 90% of effort. So in saying that, I’ve continued using That Sugar App.

There’s a function that allows you to “Start a Challenge”. I’ve started a 10 day Challenge (they didn’t have the option for 7, so I just set it to 10) and allowed a max of 6tsp per day. I’m very confident in saying that my diet isn’t too sugar heavy, it’s definitely more carb heavy. However the snacks get me!! All those kit kats and muffins are the killers! So the main aim after Day 1 is just to stop those snacking habits and find a slightly healthier alternative.

I’ve spoken before about how I was inspired by the Ladylike girls (click here) and so to continue that train, I plan on looking up healthy recipe snacks on BuzzFeed for some motivation! If you have any ideas about what you think is a good low-sugar snack, please let me know! Before I head off to get some rest, I took a photo of my dessert last night. I went through a moment of panic when I realised I was doing this challenge and felt the need to scoff down a huge bowl of cookies and cream ice cream topped with whipped cream and bananas!

It was delicious and I don’t regret a single bite!




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