The Weekly Indulgence: “I Do Low Sugars” – Intro Update

Hi Friends!

The end of the week is here! It honestly wasn’t so bad as I discovered that a lot of the foods that I eat don’t contain that much sugar. I’m much more of a carb person. That being said, it looks like I get the most sugars in my diet from sweets (no surprise there!). If you haven’t seen the start of this challenge – click here!

My results from this week are as below:-

  • Day 1 = 20tsp
  • Day 2 = 14tsp
  • Day 3 = 11tsp
  • Day 4 = 8tsp
  • Day 5 = 8tsp
  • Day 6 = 8tsp

I started the challenge on a Tuesday so I missed out on the Monday, but I still feel like I kept it consistent with tracking my sugar. It’s so interesting for me to see that I eat most of my sugary snacks during the beginning of the week. It does make sense seeing as I hate Mondays. I haven’t documented down everything that I ate in this blog, but I do intend on doing it for the actual challenge.

Keeping in mind that the App does not include natural sugars from fruits or vegetables, my app “That Sugar App” says my average intake of sugar per day was 11.25tsp. I was expecting it to be WAY higher, so that’s really nice to see!

As part of this challenge starting tomorrow, I said I would halve the intake. So I will be attempting to do a max of 6tsp of sugar per day for the entire week (Monday – Sunday). I’m confident that as long as I don’t start snacking on biscuits and cake, I should be ok…emphasis on should.  I’ll be doing a vlog again as well as a post on Day 1. I’ll go into more detail about the foods I intend to eat on the Day 1 blog, but as for now I might eat a huge slab of chocolate cake before tomorrow!




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