The Get To Know Me Tag – Richard Edition

Hey everyone!

I don’t normally do stuff like this where I talk about myself a lot. I was nominated by Rachel to post this on the blog. This will be a little bit of a get to know me type deal.

  • What are my strengths?
    • Good listener
    • Outgoing
    • Eager to please (could be a bit of a weakness depending on how you see it)
    • Honest
    • Always willing to learn
  • What are my short-term goals?
    • Fixing up my bicycle which is currently in pieces
    • Prepping for a move (in terms of career/living)
    • Working on organizing and optimizing the blog
    • Losing some winter weight
    • Eating healthy again
  • What are my long-term goals?
    • Finding a better career path with longevity in mind
    • Being with Rachel
    • Living with a better head-space going forward in life (this one should and is always happening)
  • Who matters the most to me?
    • My family, my partner, and my close friends. The people that see things in me when I cannot truly understand who I am.
  • What am I ashamed of?
    • Living in the past and not doing much about it. It took a long time to get out of certain places and to understand that a positive mentality going forward is something to truly hold dear.
  • What do I like to do for fun?
    • This has changed dramatically over the years. I’d say that now I enjoy going cycling and being outdoors away from everyone. Just allowing some time to be free from technology clears your mind. Saying that, I do enjoy gaming and streaming every now and then. I’ve also had a fondness for writing poems, songs, or stories.
  • What new activities am I willing to try?
    • I’d like to get into weight lifting. I’ve toned my legs quite well with all the cycling. My arms/back need massive amounts of work.
    • Repairing old bicycles. I’d like to see if I can get some old rusted up junkers and fix them up.
  • What am I worried about?
    • My career choices and where they will lead me.
  • What are my values?
    • Loyalty
    • Determination
    • Optimism
    • Kindness
    • Respect
  • If I had one wish, it would be?
    • For everyone to respect and be understanding. There’s too many people in the world who look down upon others. When it comes down to it, we’re all human.
  • Where do I feel the safest?
    • Talking with my partner at any time of the day/night. If I had to say a place, it would probably be in my home working on my computer.
  • What or who gives me comfort?
    • My partners singing and kisses.. <3.
    • Music. Finding some new songs and going through a huge playlist is really enjoyable.
    • Mindless entertainment like youtube let’s plays.
  • If I was afraid, I would…?
    • Try to think rationally and realize that there’s always a way out.
  • What is my proudest accomplishment?
    • This one is a big one for me because it changed my personality and my mentality for the better. I’m thinking of doing a big blog post on this sometime in the future. I went from 265lbs to 180lbs doing various different diets and exercises. The biggest accomplishment was knowing that I COULD change and it was possibly to do it.
  • Am I night owl or early bird?
    • Probably both. I’d say that if my sleep schedule were to wake up early, I’d be the early bird since I love cycling in the morning. Currently my sleep schedule is for a night owl so that’s how it is at the moment.
  • What does my inner critic tell me?
    • “You can do better. Think positive and know that there’s got to be something better. Shoot for it.”
  • What am I passionate about?
    • Cycling
    • Writing
    • Working on computers in any form
      • Building
      • Formatting
      • Optimizing
      • Learning new programs
    • Having a positive mentality
  • What do my dreams tell me?
    • My dreams are usually stories that stick with me for a while. I’ve had dreams that allowed me to write songs or poems. I’ve had dreams where I’ve been kidnapped. Dreams where I see spiders and freak out in the real world. Usually my dreams are vivid stories that inspire me unlike any movie/show can.
  • What is my favourite non-fiction book?
    • Sadly I haven’t read many books recently. I guess my most recent non-fiction book that I’m currently reading would be the one that Rachel got me for my birthday. It’s called ‘Escape By Bike‘ by Joshua Cunningham. It’s about someone that has cycled across the world. He shows the different places he’s been, the troubles he had to go through, and the means of doing it yourself.
  • What is my favourite fiction book?
    • Same goes for the top answer. My favourite would probably be the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘ series by George R. R. Martin. I can really get into the fantasy setting and characters of that series.
  • What is my favourite movie?
    • There’s a ton to choose from but I would have to say it would be ‘Goodfellas‘. The soundtrack to that movie flows so well. I can listen to the soundtrack and see the whole movie in my head.
  • What is my favourite band?
    • Again, there are way too many to choose from. There are a ton of great Canadian bands I listened to in the 90’s. What I’m basing this on is how many different songs I’ve listened to of the band and actually liked. That being said, I think my favourite would have to be ‘Our Lady Peace‘.
  • What is my favourite food?
    • Any type of comfort food. Pasta casserole probably would be a big favourite. I rarely eat that nowadays because of my diet. My favourite diet food would be baked chicken breast.
  • What is my favourite colour?
    • Red
  • What am I grateful for?
    • My partner, friends, family, and health. I’m grateful that I’ve found ways to have a good mentality in the hardest of times.
  • When I am feeling down, I like to?
    • Think, write, and act. I try to logically figure out why I am feeling down. Putting everything into perspective makes me see the bigger picture so I don’t feel as bad.
    • Talk with my partner about it.
    • Go cycling and sweat hard.
    • Watch mindless things to drown out some of those feelings. Probably a bad thing to do but everyone needs that once in a while.
  • I know I am stressed when?
    • My heart rate goes up when I’m sitting down and I start to breathe heavily. My mind is racing with a million thoughts that I can’t speak about.
    • I stumble with my words. My brain usually goes into overdrive when this happens.
    • I get severe migraines. It’s a family thing to get migraines. The good thing is that I’m usually able to rest after a while of dealing with it and it allows me to think clearly when I wake-up.
    • I eat junk food a lot.

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully you get a smaller idea of who I am and what I’m about. If there’s any other tags, Rachel will probably nominate me so you’ll see more of these from me. Sadly I don’t know any other bloggers other than Anita who nominated Rachel to begin with so it’ll have to end with me for now.

As always, enjoy your adventure!

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  1. Richard! I love this! I have gotten to know you so much better 🙂 I can’t wait to read about your fitness journey <3

    1. Thanks so much! It was a bit of a challenge writing about myself. I tend not to indulge in that too much, not because I don’t want to, but because it just sort of happens. The fitness journey is a long one so it may take a while to write. I’ll make sure to update you!

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