The Weekly Indulgence: “I Do Low Sugars” – Introduction

Hi friends!

I’m back with my second challenge and this time I’m doing low sugars for a week. 

Now for anyone who knows me at all, this is incredibly tough. A lot of the foods that I eat with my family and my friends have fairly high sugars. Even the white rice I eat at home has a fair amount of high sugar. In order to do this challenge I’ll be downloading an app called “That Sugar App”.

It’s an app that allows me to look up the basics sugar levels of everyday food and drinks as well as track my own sugar levels.

The basic idea, is that I’ll be calculating my sugar intake starting tomorrow (17th of April) until the 22nd of April (Sunday). After getting the results of that, I’ll be starting the challenge as of next week and attempting to halve that number! I’m a firm believer that one can eat what they want as long as they balance that out with exercise. I’m hoping this challenge will show me that eating slightly healthier and exercising will make me feel more energised throughout my day.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) – a woman’s daily intake of sugar should be 100 Calories (25g or 6 teaspoons). I have a very strong feeling that my own intake is double that…
I’ll be keeping this figure in mind when I try to halve my numbers next week! I’ll also be posting small updates throughout this week to show how I’m going – fingers crossed I haven’t actually got sugar crystals floating in my arteries!

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