Weekly Indulgence: “I do early morning workouts” – Part 1

It is the end of Day 1 and I am pretty tired!

Granted, I didn’t help myself because I went to bed super late on Sunday night. Other than that, I definitely felt more awake during the morning and being able to take time to make breakfast before going to work, was pretty great! I’ve chosen to use my spin bike at home for the workout this week since the gym opens at 6 and it’s a little late for me. Not entirely sure if that was a good idea because my legs are stiff as rocks in the morning!

I had the support of Richard who helped wake me up over Skype and also chanted encouraging words at me as I sweated over the bike. Day 2 is going to be hard without him! Fortunately (or unfortunately), I’m a naturally competitive person and since I’ve set myself this task, I’m hoping my instincts will get me through the fogginess. So far I’m really enjoying taking my time since I usually rush out the door and by the time I get to work, I feel flustered and my mind is everywhere. If I take away anything from this, I think it will definitely be; that relaxed mornings equals to a relaxed day.

I’ll be posting Part 2 at the end of this week to talk about how I felt after this challenge – it’ll also include a small vlog of the entire experience! You’ll get to see my tired sweaty face!

I have a feeling Day 2 will be even harder than today so I better get to bed! Fingers crossed this week goes well. I posted a quick photo below of my breakfast I made after working out, I’m very proud of it! It may look odd to some people but I grew up eating small bowls of noodles before school so it brings back lots of childhood memories for me.

Egg noodles with beans, fish balls, beef balls and homemade pork wontons












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