Weekly Indulgence

The “Weekly Indulgence” is a name that Richard came up with and it’s the title I’m going to use for challenges I place upon myself. I’m sure you all know of Buzzfeed and their multiple sub-channels. One of them is called “Ladylike” and I’ve been really inspired by them to do challenges that 1) take me out of my comfort zone and 2) are just super silly and fun. I’m determined to challenge myself and use this as a way to grow, inspire and see different perspectives. I’m also going to start attaching short Vlogs into my blog posts with each episode so you can see me physically succeed (or struggle) with it! I am SUPER excited to start this, I’ve been telling all my team mates at work, friends and family about it.

I’m starting the first episode on the 9th of April! I’ll be publishing a Day 1 blog to show my “before” and a Day 5 blog to show my “after”, my thoughts and a small vlog. I haven’t eased my way into these challenges at all because this first episode will be:-

I do early morning workouts 

I hate mornings with a passion…so let’s see how this goes!

I hope you enjoy every moment with me on my journey to get out of my comfort zone!




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