My Birthday Weekend


So the other weekend, it was my Birthday! Yayyyyyy! I was very lucky because my birthday fell on the long weekend and I was able to have 4 days off work. I didn’t have a milestone birthday, but I entered a new age bracket and it had me feeling like I was getting super old. So it was an incredibly wonderful surprise, that this birthday was the best one of my 20’s so far. Richard kicked off the celebrations with a cake…and not just any cake…a buttercream maxi cupcake fairy cake.

It was awesome

I have a massive sweet spot for buttercream icing and if you know me well, I also love anything to do with fairies and sparkles. I’m like a 5-year-old in an adult body. The cake came with Rosetta (a character in the Tinkerbell films) on the very top. Food is the way to my heart and Richard nailed this one (as he usually does).

Fairy red velvet cake with buttercream icing

I demolished 3/4 of the cake pretty fast and I am not going to lie…I did not share much of it (this is an on-going theme with me and food). I can whole heartedly admit that if I don’t want to share food, I won’t offer it because I feel bad. hahahahahahaha….. 

Following this, my parents went to go pick up my family birthday cake…which I ordered myself. Before yells of judgement start coming my way, let me preface this by saying that as an adult I am fully allowed to order my own cake because I can. I feel like that’s the definition of adult right?…But also because I grew up eating this cake and now that I live in a different area and the company is only online, I really need an excuse to get it. I have gotten this cake; same design, same colour scheme and same size for the past 3 years. I have no regrets. I’ll have a series of links below showing where the cakes are from, so if anyone is interested it ordering themselves, you can!

Chocolate, vanilla and crunchy chocolate ice cream cake

This cake is DELICIOUS…like…DELICIOUS! It’s default is a swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate bits that runs through the middle. Sounds like a basic concept but sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. This did not last. It was gone in a day and a half (bearing in mind that there are 4 people in my immediate family…and only 2 of us ate most of it…)

The celebrations continued from my team mates at work! Long story short; on your birthday, my company makes a “birthday mock”. Essentially, your team secretly picks a movie for you and a photo of you. The marketing team then photoshops your face on the poster. Some can get really funny and some can just get super weird. If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with My Neighbour Totoro. Such a great film! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do.

My Birthday Mock

Honestly just so amazing! I squealed like a 13-year-old fan girl at a JB concert. They didn’t stop there though! They gave me a squirrel-shaped cheese board AND meats and cheese to accompany it, so I could have a cheese board on that day at work!!! This is something that I used to do regularly when I first started at the company…just casual cheese board on a Monday morning. So I was absolutely stoked to get this present! When I said food was the way to my heart, the people in my life really know it. They bought me 5 cheeses, 2 meats and a pack of Fairy Floss flavoured grapes!

Squirrel-shaped cheese board with lots of goodies on it

When thinking about my work friends, this quote sums it up quite well:-

“A great friend and employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have.”

The sun setting slowly at 12-Micron

My family hopped on the food train as well and took me dinner at 12-Micron down at Barangaroo. For people not from Sydney – Barangaroo is an area near the water in the city. It’s just been renovated and is a massive hub of really really good food. It’s situated around a lot of big international companies, so the area can be quite corporate. My brother was very thoughtful and paid for the 7-Course degustation meal for all 4 of us! Maybe I’ll write a separate blog post on my experience there later. After the meal we were pleasantly full (which isn’t always the case when it comes to degustation). I had a really deep sleep that night and I’m glad I did because soon after I had to wake up very early!

This brings me to my next present! My best friend surprised me a few weekends prior that her present was a hot air balloon ride followed by champagne breakfast. I honestly felt (and still do feel) so spoilt! I got up at 4:15am…it was still dark and I was groggy as heck. I’m not a morning person to begin with so this was a feat in itself. I was at my bff’s house by 5am and at the meeting point by 6am. The hot air balloon rides only allow up to and including 20 people. Our ride had a little less which was nice. We hopped into a van and was at the location by 6:40am.

One of the great things about the experience was that they encourage you to help out with setting it up. As you can imagine, it’s a HUGE balloon and the more people who help out, the faster things go. I really enjoyed it, it made me feel as though I was being included in something as opposed to just following procedure. It was stunning when they started blowing fire into the balloon to get it filled up. As you can see, the light was just coming up slowly, but not enough to obscure the light of the flame.

Firing up the hot air balloon

After hopping into the large wicker basket, the hot air balloon gently glided upward. I don’t have a fear of heights, but I do get the heebies if I overthink it…so I tried hard to just enjoy the moments. My best friend and I took tonnes of photos when the sun started to rise, it felt like the beginning of the Lion King movie! It was a bit cloudy that morning, so when the sun started to seep behind the clouds, we focused more on just enjoying the ride and stayed away from the phones. I did get one good shot of the sun coming through.

The sun rise

The ride up in the air was about 45-50 minutes. The guide was super experienced and able to tell us where to look for well-known sites. When we landed, similar to before, we helped pack up before hopping back in the van to the meeting point. This next bit got me just as excited as the ride itself… A champagne breakfast! It was a buffet breakfast at the Rydges Hotel, it had everything from muffins, to eggs, fruit, cereal and all types of drinks. We ate a lot! For anyone that doesn’t know, I LOVE eggs…like LOVE them. I definitely took advange of this opportunity.

One of my dishes from Champagne Breakfast

By the time the breakfast and the ride was over, it was only 10am. We felt like we had done so much! It was such an exhiliarating morning that we just relaxed and hung out at her place for the rest of the day. Nothing like a good hangout at your bff’s place! Her mother was even kind enough to buy me a cake and sing me Happy Birthday. I’ll have to write a separate blog post about my bff’s family – they’re an absolute blessing to have in my life!

We’re coming to the end, I promise! The rest of my long weekend was spent with Richard, relaxing, talking and doing this blog. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend! And just when I thought it was all over, one of my good friends delivered unicorn and rainbow cupcakes to work on Tuesday!!! I was absolutely floored by the genorosity and felt so blessed to have such a good friend.

If you made it through this entire blog post…thank you!! This was a very lengthy one! I have never been so spoilt or felt so grateful to have such good friends and family in my life! I’ve left out a few things because I feel I can fit them into other blogs, rest assured, I will talk about them though.

Below are some of the links to the presents I received:-

I can’t wait to see what next year brings!




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  1. This makes me so happy. I can’t wait to try the ice cream cake myself!

    1. Thanks Sabina ! =).
      Yessss, do it! You wont’ regret it at all. It’s so delicious. I sometimes buy them for non-celebratory events haha…


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