The Art of Nails


Nails were never one of those things that I did growing up. I never went with my friends or family to get fun colours done and I never knew why on earth those salons smelt so pungent. I was a late-bloomer of nails if you will.

Let’s jump to March of 2014. I’m doing my second University Degree and I’d just quit piano lessons after 20 years. Instagram was now a huge thing and I’d spent so much of my time looking at posts of 3D nails…SUPER extra-looking stuff. So like a teenager during early puberty, I was pretty excited to go get my nails done. (ps. I am a massive late-bloomer to many experiences; this being one of them but I went with it!).

I never once thought of getting nails done as relaxing or something I’d ever be interested in. But after this first set, it completely unlocked something in my brain.

My first set of nails. Circa March 2014.

As a University Student that had no mortgage and was still living with the parentals, I had a certain liberty with my bank account. It was only after indulging in a series of fancy nails, did I discover that I could probably save a tonne of money by doing them myself. I don’t want to get into toooooo much but my nail sets were $200+ every 6 weeks…and frankly, I’m surprised that I could afford it back then seeing as I was a part-time dance teacher and not exactly making much. Since then, I’ve had 3 full-time jobs and have dabbled in doing my own nails. Something about gluing shiny rocks to your nails is just so fun…

I’ve made big plans to continue my learning journey with nail art – I’m hoping to do a course run by a well-experienced Japanese Salon later this year. They’re well versed in everything from basic acrylics to 3D sculpting. It’s brought me such joy to find another hobby other than dancing and I really hope to further my interests in them. I’m even hoping to someday have it as a side job with personal clients!

Please see this link, it’s a boomerang of a nail set I did a while ago and it’s one of the ones I am super proud of! (Feel free to hit Follow as well!)

Below are some others that I got done at a salon as well as some that I did myself! I hope to be able to have the skill someday to produce the professional ones!!

A salon in HK. 2015.
My own acrylic set with gel red Opallac polish and individual round stickers.
A beautiful Christmas set from a Korean nail salon.
A classic nude and glimmer set I did!


For anyone who made it to the bottom, thank you! I am so excited to build on this hobby and only get better!

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