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This is my first blog post! So it seems fitting that I choose to speak about my very first love…Dance.

For as long as I can remember – my days consisted of shiny blue leotards and pink tights; of getting changed in the car after school and of the constant smell of hairspray in the changing rooms at the end-of-year concert. It was a part of my life from the moment I woke up to the moment I laid down to sleep.

Far left – Circa 2015

As I get older, I realise that interests and dreams are different when you’re paying for them (hahaha…). After the studio I went to closed only a couple of years ago, I’ve found it hard to return to the dance scene without giving up after 2 or 3 dance classes at casual studios. Dance was so much about the community for me, the people who built it from the ground up and the confidence I gained in life. It was barely about the competitions, the costumes or the make up (despite what many say about the sport).

As I browse youtube on a Wednesday night with a creme caramel in one hand and a kit kat in the other, I’m left stunned by the talent of the dancers at the Millennium Dance Complex LA. This is a channel ( that I have been following for a couple of years now. The passion and the technique behind all the dancers make me feel enlightened in the moments that I watch them. Sounds dramatic…but it’s true. However, this particular night, I have felt motivated, inspired and ready to throw on my old leg warmers. This particular night I watched a video from the great Hamilton Evans himself:-

Something about his hair, or the passion in the children’s eyes or maybe even the fabulous “i woke up like this” fashion of the dancers, re-awoke the love I have for this sport. I spent 40 minutes of my night learning parts of this choreography (also taking breaks every 10 minutes because I’m no longer as limber), and finding myself having a more physically rewarding night than weight lifting will ever provide.

So to bring this mini essay to a close…I have decided to dust off my old stockings, pull out my theraband and research for classes who will take older students (another feat in itself). If I can make time to wear face masks every night, I sure as heck can take time to re-live an old love.

Rachel Signature 2

ps. Below are 2

photos of me at my last ever performance …what a night <3.


3rd from the Left – Hip Hop – Mario Theme

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