My Actual First Blog Post

It’s been a journey creating this blog. It all started with a dream that my honeybunny had when she discovered that she loved writing food reviews for restaurants and taking tasty photos. I wanted to embrace that with her so I decided that I’d help her get her creativity out there. We designed many different logos and worked with varying themes until life started to creep up on us. The blog was put on the back-burner for a while. This was all in 2016.

Fast forward to 2018. I decided that I wanted to create a small little website to host all of my Totoro GIF’s that I’ve made for her (I may post some in the future). It sparked some creativity in us to start working on the blog again. This will be a project of actual love because she is the only one that knows how to bring that creativity out in me.

This will be our journey to take together. There’s nobody I’d rather go with than you my honeybunny. Let’s go!

– Polarbear


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